Easy Retail Shop Automation

User Friendly design for day-to-day operations for one work station

Easy RetailShop Automation is the software solution for Retail Industries that covers Point of Sale (POS) to Back- and Head Office operations.

Easy RetailShop Automation is a modular application designed for only one work station that provides a more efficient deployment system giving you the power to choose retail tools relevant to your business needs.

The software solution is designed to work with the hardware and equipment that you already have, including receipt printers, fiscal printers, barcode scanners, cash registers, and the like.

With functions specific to the unique needs of the retailers and our intuitive user interface, the retailer  has easy-to-use retail POS system,  requiring less training time for employees, while ensuring a quick and accurate checkout process for  customers.

Easy Retail Shop Automation


Cash Operations

  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Accepts cash, credit cards, debit card or a combination of the above on any transaction.
  • Currency support
  • Total and partial daily
  • Withdrawals and payments
  • Fiscal daily closing 

Point of Sale

  • The sales interface allows the operator to supplement, modify or cancel the transaction data at any time before issuing a receipt or invoice.
  • You can change list items
  • Store receipt (suspended accounts)
  • You can link a ticket to a Client/Table.
  • Managing tables
  • Parametric Search items being sold
  • Lock workstation to change operator
  • Open Cash till


Print fiscal documents (Receipt, Fiscal Receipt, Invoice)

  • Subtotal
  • Discounts and surcharges on items
  • Discounts and surcharges on subtotal
  • Ability to process returns, coupons and sales
  • Receipt with details of the articles
  • Blank Receipt (Receipt of courtesy or Gift Receipt )

Items and Departments Operations

  • Sale for both items and departments
  • Management of departments
  • Management of item pricing
  • Three item description, the main, the one for the user interface button and the  printed receipt
  • You can add a price and a photo for each product
  • Reports to analyze sales by items and departments


Sales features

  • Management of the sale in store
  • Connection with the traditional cash register or fiscal printer.
  • Completely tailored user interface
  • Compatible with  Barcode scanner  with Bluetooth technology and also works  with the integrated Web Cam to add products on a cash register ticket.
  • Management of  different VAT and tax rates
  • Customer Data Base and information
  • Unique ID user identification which keeps track of each person manning  the point of sale
  • Management of vendors /sales person

Wide range of Reports

  • End of day reports                                                                
  • Merchandising reports
  • Sales for department reports                           
  • Sales analysis reports                          
  • Sales history reports                                                            
  • Report on VAT rate
  • Track sales by employee, vendors and cashiers
  • Payment and type of payment report



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