Easy Bar Automation

User Friendly design for day-to-day operations for one work station

Easy Bar is the software solution for the management of a wide range of industries like Bar, Self-Services, and small activities operating in the food service activities.

The software solution is designed to work with the hardware and equipment that you already have, including receipt printers, fiscal printers, barcode scanners, cash registers, and the like.

Easy Bar is a modular application designed for only one work station that integrates the management of restaurant handheld devices and the management of the printers located in different parts of the food service activity (kitchen, bar, pizzeria, etc...) where orders will be printed;

Easy Bar Automation


Cash Operations

  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Accepts cash, credit cards, debit card or a combination of the above on any transaction.
  • Currency support
  • Total and partial daily
  • Withdrawals and payments
  • Fiscal daily closing 

Point of Sale

  • The sales interface allows the operator to supplement, modify or cancel the transaction data at any time before issuing a receipt or invoice.
  • You can change list items
  • Store receipt (suspended accounts)
  • You can link a ticket to a Client/Table.
  • Managing tables
  • Parametric Search items being sold
  • Lock workstation to change operator
  • Open Cash till

Print fiscal documents (Receipt, Fiscal Receipt, Invoice)

  • Subtotal
  • Discounts and surcharges on items
  • Discounts and surcharges on subtotal
  • Ability to process returns, coupons and sales
  • Receipt with details of the articles
  • Blank Receipt (Receipt of courtesy or Gift Receipt )

Items and Departments Operations

  • Sale for both items and departments
  • Management of departments
  • Management of item pricing
  • Three item description, the main, the one for the user interface button and the  printed receipt
  • You can add a price and a photo for each product
  • Reports to analyze sales by items and departments

Sales features

  • Management of the sale in store
  • Connection with the traditional cash register or fiscal printer.
  • Completely tailored user interface
  • Compatible with  Barcode scanner  with Bluetooth technology and also works  with the integrated Web Cam to add products on a cash register ticket.
  • Management of  different VAT and tax rates
  • Customer Data Base and information
  • Unique ID user identification which keeps track of each person manning  the point of sale
  • Management of vendors /sales person

Wide range of Reports

  • End of day reports                                                                
  • Merchandising reports
  • Sales for department reports                           
  • Sales analysis reports                          
  • Sales history reports                                                            
  • Report on VAT rate
  • Track sales by employee, vendors and cashiers
  • Payment and type of payment report

Optional modules


Improves Retail Shop with the management of restaurant handheld devices. It is possible to connect two handhelds and manage 35 tables, increasing speed of service. This solution should be used in a small bar, pub or café. 


The professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. This revolutionary App for hand-held devices like Smartphones, Tablets or iPods has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality industry. At the touch of a screen orders are recorded and processed straight to the heart of the kitchen from the waiting staff’s device.  In conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal, orders can be paid for at the table.

The user interface has an intuitive and user-friendly layout, allowing waiters to be operative with fewer clicks.


This module is also called ‘Business Intelligence’ and it overcomes limitations affecting standard databases. In fact, relational databases are not able to elaborate data instantaneously or visualize a lot of data at the same time. This program creates statistics and graphics from any data source, in a very short time and autonomously, and it provides an analytic report of clients’ attendance.



Main functions:

  • Promotion

Associate a card with discounts, price lists or to collect bonus points for promotions. It is not possible to pay by card as cards are only used to identify customers and providing them with special promotions (i.e.: giving them a discount or the possibility to access to special price lists)

  • Fidelity

Fidelity card is a useful tool for client’s identification and it is a loyalty symbol for the business. This module allows fidelity card management, client’s identification and associating promotions and discounts to the client. The following cards are accepted: chip cards (or smart cards), barcode or magnetic cards, transponder card, loyalty card on customers’ phone (SMS Card Module)

  • Payment
  1. Prepaid card. Clients put money onto the card and money will be taken off anytime a transaction occurs;
  2. Credit Card. It associates a loyalty debit account with a client. At the end of a set period or when exiting the business place, the customer will present the card and the card reading will visualize expenses and due payments.
  • Clients’ profile definition

It manages and monitors relational marketing. This option identifies precisely clients’ tastes based on consumer’s behaviour. In this way, it is possible to target the offer and rationalise suppliers’ orders. Assign loyal clients a prepaid card or a card with a fixed ceiling. The card can be used at any POS within the business (i.e.: at restaurant/bar tables, on the beach, at the disco) and the amount will be taken off the card balance. 


This module is designed to manage the fidelity card via the web on devices that are not connected to each other. In this way, a client can be identified and his/her promotions can be used among different businesses that are not connected to each other. 


This program allows real time monitoring of presences, accesses, timetables of internal staff and it provides a report including statistics about staff movements. It manages the presences of both full-time and part-time staff and monitors employees’ entries and exits and their timetables. 


This module transforms a Windows Xp, Vista, Windows7 or 8 (professional version) in a Terminal Server. In this way, a user, upon providing username and password, can connect to his restaurant or office from any PC with an internet connection, without interfering with the work of the staff at the place of business. This module allows distance monitoring of all the business activities. In fact, the user can access all enabled program functions: master data of sold items, warehouse transactions, clients’ data and statistics. It is also possible to print all data.  There are two versions of this module: up to five users at the same time or unlimited number of users can have access to it.  


The ‘Disaster Recovery’ as it allows immediate data recovery without a technician’s support. The module is styled on a USB key where updates are automatically saved as well as users’ operations and transactions.

Critical situations can occur such as failures of hardware components or lack of electrical power. The module enables automatic saving of any business operation. In critical times, the USB key should be unplugged from the non functioning PC and connected to a functioning one. The work can be continued and no data is lost.The activation key, the program and the archive are automatically updated with no need for additional technical support. Everything is saved on the recovery key.

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