GeRì Automation

The rapid, simple and practical solution for your business : Restaurants, Pizzerias, Pubs, Bars, Self-Services and many others.

Provides real time snapshot of your business in one single line, indicating: number of Free Tables, number of in use Tables and the total number of seats.


GeRì Automation



The Table management feature:

  • Touchscreen interactive management  of the tables map totally customised according to the restaurant plan;
  • Includes intuitive and simple functions that help to organise the following actions: free table, move tables, join tables, separate tables and add note/info about tables;
  • Provides useful information that monitors: table name, table status (which changes colour according to use), table occupied time, number of seats available or in use;
  • Allows the visualization of free tables indicating how many seats are available and related waiter/waitress information;
  • Helps to monitor tables in use with the possibility to visualize the meal progress status together with client arrival time; and,
  • Allows management of table bookings.


This feature:

  • Allows the Use of any mobile device such as Pda, tablet, mini tablet, ipod, smartphones; and,
  • Enables additional POS PC station for waters/waitress use, for recording orders and it includes an authentication system to protect against unauthorized users.


This feature:

  • Provides the possibility to manage printers located in different parts of the restaurant (kitchen, bar, pizzeria, etc...) where orders will be printed;
  • Provides the possibility to print orders in the original language of foreign staff;
  • Provides the possibility to print single orders per destination or multi kitchen orders (useful if you use more than one kitchen ( pizza oven department and restaurant kitchen);
  • Helps manage the list of plates in order of preparation;
  • Provides the possibility to number orders, which can be also written on  receipts or fiscal recepts where requested;
  • Enables order reprinting;
  • Provides the possibility to print orders summary; and,
  • Allows creating reports about  orders. Reports can be completely customized.


This feature allows:

  • Management of companies’ ticket restaurants;
  • Automatic management of discounts or services;
  • Management and automatic computation of change given;
  • Petty cash management ( withdraw and deposit of money) ;
  • Management of waiters’ portfolio;
  • Possibility to forecast  income based on the earnings, deposits and waiters’ portfolio;
  • Waiters’ management and the possibility to visualize tips/commissions progress chart, served tables, receipts, invoices, print quotations, actual incomes;
  • Management of waiters and operators’ software rights (i.e.: modify quantity, modify price, modify free table status, delete dishes...);
  • Payment modality management  (by cash, credit card, debit card);
  • Management of credit cards with direct connection to the POS avoiding the need to re enter the amount;
  • Daily till closure, indicating the income classified by departments and registered fiscal movements (invoices, due and pending payments);
  • Producing accounting documentation including progressive payments details, annexes, payments summary, ticket restaurants, monthly due payments; and,
  • Sending till closure information by email.


This feature provides:

  • Linkage of tills or fiscal printers to issue quotations, receipts and invoices;
  • Possibility to issue fiscal receipts, headed fiscal receipts, invoices for privates and companies with the possibility to  enter a new client or search for an existing one;
  • When opening a new order, possibility of automatic insertion of  ‘cover’ charges;
  • Possibility to print and manage pro forma checks;
  • Possibility to manage the bill as: unique bill, separate bills, division of the bill in equal parts according to the number of customers;
  • Possibility to modify a meal amount on the spot;
  • Possibility to transfer of the bill amount to the hotel room, it can be integrated with other management software or Lasersoft Hotel Automation software solution;
  • Full management of pending payments;
  • Possibility to automatically fill out summarized invoices for pending payments of private clients and companies;
  • Possibility to group the bill by product category;
  • Indications about the total income divided by typology of document ( quotations, recepts, fiscl receipts) and payment modality; and,
  • Possibility to configure the programme to make it suitable for occasional table management activities, where the bill rather than tables disposition is shown on the main screen (Immediate billing mode).



This feature provides the following functions:

  • Management of menu database with classification by categories and subcategories;
  • Management of mixed dishes;
  • Menu translation service;
  • Real time management of products availability;
  • Seasonal price lists management  (i.e.: à la cart, affiliations);
  • Management of price differences defined as absolute value or as a percentage; and,  
  • Automatic modification of price lists, including creation of sub-lists.


This feature allows

  • Management of tables bookings and menus for banquets/events;
  • Management of menu ingredients that are automatically deducted from warehouse stock;
  • Calculation of stock requirements and costs of the meal  for each event;
  • Forecasting stock quantities needed; and,
  • Bill management.


This feature provides:

  • Statistics about sold dishes classified whether seasonal or overall, by quantity or value, by category, per plate, table or waiter;
  • Statistics about sold dishes whether seasonal or overall, by quantity or value, by  category, per plate, table or waiter;
  • Statistics about sold dishes classified by the days of the week or by the time of the day;
  • Statistics about table rotation;
  • Waiters’ rank;
  • Statistic about fidelity card transactions only;
  • List of other annexes and accounting documents;
  • Possibility to monitor till transactions and analyse payment methods;
  • Monthly earnings review with VAT rates;
  • Simplified balance sheet: this function allows autonomous creation of balance sheet forecast, comparing earnings and expenses and giving the possibility to identify the breakeven point; and,
  • Receive documentation by email regarding statistics.


This feature selects through multiple parameters (city, sex, age, taste...) the lists of clients to whom to send letters or promotions and informative emails. Messages can also be sent by SMS if the appropriate module is purchased.


Each operator is enabled to use restricted functions. Access to sensitive data is guaranteed to authorized personnel only.


This feature provides the possibility to:

  • Store data about suppliers, banks and employee details;
  • Insert entries in a petty cash book specifying the reason for it; this is used to register invoices, earnings, payments, earnings and expenses, including immediate update of banks, suppliers, till and employee registers;
  • Print overall petty cash accounting entries classified by supplier, bank or description;
  • Summarise suppliers details indicating total purchases, total payments and actual balance; and,
  • Summarise bank information indicating total debts, credits and actual balance. 


This feature helps to:

  • Archive items in the warehouse including goods in and goods out ;
  • List item details listed by code or by alphabetic order indicating the quantity in stock and its value;
  • Automatically subtract sold items from stock quantities;
  • Print warehouse inventory documentation indicating stock flow; and,
  • List items stored in the warehouse, update the number of sold items or items available at the start of the production line.


Optional modules


The professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. This revolutionary App for hand-held devices like Smartphones, Tablets or iPods has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality industry. At the touch of a screen orders are recorded and processed straight to the heart of the kitchen from the waiting staff’s device.  In conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal, orders can be paid for at the table.

The user interface has an intuitive and user-friendly layout, allowing waiters to be operative with fewer clicks.


This module connects computerized tills directly to the Payment Terminals  (Ingenico) . The program sends the billing amount to the Payment Terminal upon setting up the right payment mode on the Lasersoft software solution; the transaction is then activated. If the transaction is properly finalized, the receipt is issued, otherwise an error message appears, receipt is not printed and it goes back to display the till functions asking for a different modality of payment. 


This module enables visualization over a second screen connected to the till-PC showing three types of information at the same time: multimedia advertising contents (video, images), text advertising contents (information about promotions, discounts, opening and closing times, events), and details of the bought product at the moment of payment.

The second screen can replace the welcome screen.


This module allows connecting the Lasersoft software solutions with electronic scales.

With Gerì Automation the scale is used to weigh the sold food item (i.e.: meat by weight, fish), automatically calculating their price and assigning it to the right table, by inserting the table number. The computed amount is then directly added to the client’s bill.

With Retail Shop Automation the module automatically transmits all the items to be weighed and prices transferred and loaded into the Point of sale System to the scales. This will allow the retailer to load SKU only once. The second feature of the Scale Connection Module allows the connection of a scales in a network, for the management of an accumulative ticket. The accumulative ticket is a barcode sticker which contains the weights of several items.


This module is also called ‘Business Intelligence’ and it overcomes limitations affecting standard databases. In fact, relational databases are not able to elaborate data instantaneously or visualize a lot of data at the same time. This program creates statistics and graphics from any data source, in a very short time and autonomously, and it provides an analytic report of clients’ attendance.



Main functions:

  • Promotion

Associate a card with discounts, price lists or to collect bonus points for promotions. It is not possible to pay by card as cards are only used to identify customers and providing them with special promotions (i.e.: giving them a discount or the possibility to access to special price lists)

  • Fidelity

Fidelity card is a useful tool for client’s identification and it is a loyalty symbol for the business. This module allows fidelity card management, client’s identification and associating promotions and discounts to the client. The following cards are accepted: chip cards (or smart cards), barcode or magnetic cards, transponder card, loyalty card on customers’ phone (SMS Card Module)

  • Payment
  1. Prepaid card. Clients put money onto the card and money will be taken off anytime a transaction occurs;
  2. Credit Card. It associates a loyalty debit account with a client. At the end of a set period or when exiting the business place, the customer will present the card and the card reading will visualize expenses and due payments.
  • Clients’ profile definition

It manages and monitors relational marketing. This option identifies precisely clients’ tastes based on consumer’s behaviour. In this way, it is possible to target the offer and rationalise suppliers’ orders. Assign loyal clients a prepaid card or a card with a fixed ceiling. The card can be used at any POS within the business (i.e.: at restaurant/bar tables, on the beach, at the disco) and the amount will be taken off the card balance. 


This module is designed to manage the fidelity card via the web on devices that are not connected to each other. In this way, a client can be identified and his/her promotions can be used among different businesses that are not connected to each other. 

SMS card

This module replaces the traditional paper cards or plastic point of sale cards with a loyalty card on customers’ phone.

The SMS Card is an image containing a bar code or a QR code. At time of payment customers have to show the image and get the benefits of the loyalty program.


This module sends an SMS to clients directly from the Lasersoft software. Messages can be sent directly to single clients or to a list of clients. 


  • Keeping in touch with your clients;
  • Saving time and money;
  • increase prestige, and; 
  • rapid and effective communication.

NB! It is necessary a traditional mobile phone not a smartphone.


Thanks to this module and the ad hoc development of Lasersoft software, clients can give consent to data treatment onto a pre-programmed tablet. In this way, the restaurant is protected and it does not have to print and archive paper sheets about privacy regulations. The same module allows through a scanner machine to digitize and archive suppliers’ original documents and then store them together with warehouse documents or invoices.  In this way, all documents can be properly stored reducing the possibility to lose them.


This program allows real time monitoring of presences, accesses, timetables of internal staff and it provides a report including statistics about staff movements. It manages the presences of both full-time and part-time staff and monitors employees’ entries and exits and their timetables. 


This module transforms a Windows Xp, Vista, Windows7 or 8 (professional version) in a Terminal Server. In this way, a user, upon providing username and password, can connect to his restaurant or office from any PC with an internet connection, without interfering with the work of the staff at the place of business. This module allows distance monitoring of all the business activities. In fact, the user can access all enabled program functions: master data of sold items, warehouse transactions, clients’ data and statistics. It is also possible to print all data.  There are two versions of this module: up to five users at the same time or unlimited number of users can have access to it.  


The ‘Disaster Recovery’ as it allows immediate data recovery without a technician’s support. The module is styled on a USB key where updates are automatically saved as well as users’ operations and transactions.

Critical situations can occur such as failures of hardware components or lack of electrical power. The module enables automatic saving of any business operation. In critical times, the USB key should be unplugged from the non functioning PC and connected to a functioning one. The work can be continued and no data is lost.The activation key, the program and the archive are automatically updated with no need for additional technical support. Everything is saved on the recovery key.


This module allows, where requested, the connection of the software solution to a fiscal printer or a traditional ECR.  

This specific module is able to connect to any type of fiscal printer and till available on the markets where the fiscal law is implemented. On the  fiscal printers it is possible to print a fiscal receipt, an invoice as well as a non-fiscal document (i.e.: proforma), it depends on the type of printer.

Directly from the user interface touchscreen it is possible to command and print the daily fiscal closure.


This monitor is installed in the place where orders are prepared and it provides a general overview of the orders. The system is set to show specific dish preparation, helping the staff to focus on one specific part of the order, although an overview of all the orders is always available. This information helps managing and preparing orders, providing a faster service to the clients and reducing the possibility of making mistakes. It also allows visualizing sequence and status of dishes preparation by using icons with different colours. 


The Take Away module has been designed for businesses that need to manage pizza bookings or other home delivery services. This module is very flexible and can be used for other types of businesses such as ice-cream shops or pastry shops for the collection of received orders.The module is linked to clients’ database and allows orders registering, visualizing the chronology of orders preparation so that the supervisor is always aware of the workload of the pizza oven department or the kitchen.Furthermore, it is possible to connect a dedicated modem allowing the identification of any person calling the business, just by recognizing the phone number; the order will be inserted in a proper screen, without using the keyboard. 


This module establishes access modalities to the program functions or allows them to be unblocked by using a transponder card, iButtons Dallas or a Chipcard tools.Each user can be provided with a single-user card that allows him /her to unblock a workstation or enable some functions only.

In Gerì Automation, the access card can be used instead of the password. The identification card is a safe and inviolable tool. 


The Lasersoft MySelfOrder solution comprises downloadable smartphone Apps for iPhone and Android. The Apps allow the customer to place an order in the restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, coffee shops the customers love.

The customer downloads the App, chooses the restaurant he likes, inserts the table where he is seated if he wants to eat inside or inserts the address and time for home delivery or for pickup orders.

When the order is placed the customer concludes paying via PayPal or with credit card.

Customer check-ins and order items are tracked in the database for analytics and marketing purposes.



This module enables connection with the Easy Automation ERP software solution , developed by Lasersoft, or other management software developed by other companies giving a more complete and professional management of double-entry bookkeeping and of warehouse accounting. This module can be activated when a more complex company accounting management and warehouse management system is needed compared to the one already freely available in Gerì Automation. 


This module exports accounting data to be integrated with other software. Two types of exports are available: Exporting of all issued documents and Exporting of all daily accounting closures.



It enables wireless connection with Widows Mobile PDA or Orderman PDA. Both devices connect to belt printers allowing waiters to immediately print orders or bills (Pre-bill, Fiscal Receipt).


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