Easy Gerì Automation

User Friendly design for day-to-day operations for one work station

Easy Gerì is the software solution for the management of a wide range of industries like Bar, Self-Services, and small activities operating in the food service activities.

The software solution is designed to work with the hardware and equipment that you already have, including receipt printers, fiscal printers, cash registers, and the like.

Easy Bar is a modular application designed for only one work station that integrates the management of restaurant handheld devices and the management of the printers located in different parts of the food service activity (kitchen, bar, pizzeria, etc...) where orders will be printed;

Provides real time snapshot of your business in one single line, indicating: number of Free Tables, number of in use Tables and the total number of seats. 

Easy Gerì Automation



The Table management feature:

  • Touchscreen interactive management  of the tables map totally customised according to the restaurant plan;
  • Includes intuitive and simple functions that help to organise the following actions: free table, move tables, join tables, separate tables and add note/info about tables;
  • Provides useful information that monitors: table name, table status (which changes colour according to use), table occupied time, number of seats available or in use;
  • Allows the visualization of free tables indicating how many seats are available and related waiter/waitress information;
  • Helps to monitor tables in use with the possibility to visualize the meal progress status together with client arrival time; and,
  • Allows management of table bookings.



This feature:

  • Allows the Use of any mobile device such as Pda, tablet, mini tablet,ipod, smartphones; and,
  • Enables additional POS PC station for waters/waitress use, for recording orders and it includes an authentication system to protect  against unauthorized users.


This feature allows:

  • Management of companies’ ticket restaurants;
  • Automatic management of discounts or services;
  • Management and automatic computation of change given;
  • Petty cash management ( withdraw and deposit of money) ;
  • Management of waiters’ portfolio;
  • Possibility to forecast  income based on the earnings, deposits and waiters’ portfolio;
  • Waiters’ management and the possibility to visualize tips/commissions progress chart, served tables, receipts, invoices, print quotations, actual incomes;
  • Management of waiters and operators’ software rights (i.e.: modify quantity, modify price, modify free table status, delete dishes...);
  • Payment modality management  (by cash, credit card, debit card);
  • Management of credit cards with direct connection to the POS avoiding the need to re enter the amount;
  • Daily till closure, indicating the income classified by departments and registered fiscal movements (invoices, due and pending payments);
  • Producing accounting documentation including progressive payments details, annexes, payments summary, ticket restaurants, monthly due payments; and,
  • Sending till closure information by email.


This feature provides:

  • Linkage of tills or fiscal printers to issue quotations, receipts and invoices;
  • Possibility to issue fiscal receipts, headed fiscal receipts, invoices for privates and companies with the possibility to  enter a new client or search for an existing one;
  • When opening a new order, possibility of automatic insertion of  ‘cover’ charges;
  • Possibility to print and manage pro: unique bill, separate bills, division of the bill in equal parts according to the number of customers;
  • Possibility to modify a meal amount on the spot;
  • Possibility to transfer of the bill amount to the hotel room, it can be integrated with other management software or Lasersoft Hotel Automation software solution;
  • Full management of pending payments;
  • Possibility to automatically fill out summarized invoices for pending payments of private clients and companies;
  • Possibility to group the bill by product category;
  • Indications about the total income divided by typology of document ( quotations, recepts, fiscl receipts) and payment modality; and,
  • Possibility to configure the programme to make it suitable for occasional table management activities, where the bill rather than tables disposition is shown on the main screen (Immediate billing mode).



This feature provides the following functions:

  • Management of menu database with classification by categories and subcategories;
  • Management of mixed dishes;
  • Menu translation service;
  • Real time management of products availability;
  • Seasonal price lists management  (i.e.: à la cart, affiliations);
  • Management of price differences defined as absolute value or as a percentage; and,  
  • Automatic modification of price lists, including creation of sub-lists.



This feature allows:

  • Management of tables bookings and menus for banquets/events;
  • Management of menu ingredients that are automatically deducted from warehouse stock;
  • Calculation of stock requirements and costs of the meal  for each event;
  • Forecasting stock quantities needed; and,
  • Bill management.



This feature provides:

  • Statistics about sold dishes classified whether seasonal or overall, by quantity or value, by category, per plate, table or waiter;
  • Statistics about sold dishes whether seasonal or overall, by quantity or value, by  category, per plate, table or waiter;
  • Statistics about sold dishes classified by the days of the week or by the time of the day;
  • Statistics about table rotation;
  • Waiters’ rank;
  • Statistic about fidelity card transactions only;
  • List of other annexes and accounting documents;
  • Possibility to monitor till transactions and analyse payment methods;
  • Monthly earnings review with VAT rates;
  • Simplified balance sheet: this function allows autonomous creation of balance sheet forecast, comparing earnings and expenses and giving the possibility to identify the breakeven point; and,
  • Receive documentation by email regarding statistics.


This feature selects through multiple parameters (city, sex, age, taste...) the lists of clients to whom to send letters or promotions and informative emails. Messages can also be sent by SMS if the appropriate module is purchased.

Optional modules


This module is also called ‘Business Intelligence’ and it overcomes limitations affecting standard databases. In fact, relational databases are not able to elaborate data instantaneously or visualize a lot of data at the same time. This program creates statistics and graphics from any data source, in a very short time and autonomously, and it provides an analytic report of clients’ attendance.



This module is designed to manage the fidelity card via the web on devices that are not connected to each other. In this way, a client can be identified and his/her promotions can be used among different businesses that are not connected to each other. 


This program allows real time monitoring of presences, accesses, timetables of internal staff and it provides a report including statistics about staff movements. It manages the presences of both full-time and part-time staff and monitors employees’ entries and exits and their timetables. 


This module transforms a Windows Xp, Vista, Windows7 or 8 (professional version) in a Terminal Server. In this way, a user, upon providing username and password, can connect to his restaurant or office from any PC with an internet connection, without interfering with the work of the staff at the place of business. This module allows distance monitoring of all the business activities. In fact, the user can access all enabled program functions: master data of sold items, warehouse transactions, clients’ data and statistics. It is also possible to print all data.  There are two versions of this module: up to five users at the same time or unlimited number of users can have access to it.  


The ‘Disaster Recovery’ as it allows immediate data recovery without a technician’s support. The module is styled on a USB key where updates are automatically saved as well as users’ operations and transactions.

Critical situations can occur such as failures of hardware components or lack of electrical power. The module enables automatic saving of any business operation. In critical times, the USB key should be unplugged from the non functioning PC and connected to a functioning one. The work can be continued and no data is lost.The activation key, the program and the archive are automatically updated with no need for additional technical support. Everything is saved on the recovery key.

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